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Empty Tables Lose Money.
Let a Proven Marketer Bring Customers to YOU!

There are hundreds – maybe thousands – of bars and restaurants in New Orleans.  Is your competitor thriving while you wonder how he does it?

Do you ask yourself, “How can I get more customers into my restaurant, wine store, or tavern?”

The answer is simple. Strategic internet marketing.

Your New Orleans food and wine business needs a marketing consultant who…

  • Understands the food service business
  • Specializes in web writing and internet marketing
  • Presents you with workable promotion ideas
  • Has a proven track record
  • Actually delivers results

Whether you operate an upscale bistro, a neighborhood coffee shop, a wholesale or retail wine business, or a farm market, FoodWineMarketing is the answer to your question.

Hi there, I’m Janis Vazquez, New Orleans copywriter and direct marketing specialist. A lifetime in sales and the restaurant business, coupled with 15+ years of using email promotions to help taverns and restaurants just like yours to increase sales, allows me to make this ‘outrageous’ statement…

No hype. No BS.
FoodWineMarketing delivers results

Just ask Chef David Whitmore of Mimi’s Restaurant of River Ridge.  Seven months after hiring me to increase his sales with email newsletters, he says…

Our gross sales are up 20-25%, and our customer feedback is outstanding.  Numerous customers mention the emails when they dine with us.  Wine sales are up about 30%, and I would say that our per customer average is up 10-15%.  It definitely helps our business. is your internet marketing specialist.

Want more sales? Sure, you do!

You’ll increase your bottom line, per-person order average, your daily sales, and your number of repeat visitors when handles your PR and marketing…with affordable email strategies.

Direct marketing, specialty email newsletters, web content, press releases, email autoresponders, and low-cost, high-impact, money-making promotions are the core of this PROVEN approach.

No need to wonder about your competitor’s methods any longer. You have the edge when you call

PS: Those empty tables are costing you money with every second that you delay.

Don’t wait! Call my office at 504 367-4338 or email me right now at

What Others Say

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“I just got 2 emails…Both loved the email blasts...You do good work”…Elaine C of the Curtain Exchange of New Orleans

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